Towards a Pan-European Telecommunication Service Infrastructure - IS&N '94

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August 1994



This volume constitutes the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Intelligence in Broadband Services and Networks (IS&N '94), held in Aachen, Germany in September 1994. The book addresses the design of telecommunication services in the rapidly changing technological and regulatory environment. The 47 revised papers presented in the volume reflect work done under the CEC RACE project "Intelligence in Services and Networks" as well as individual research done independently. The volume is organized in 11 chapters, all introduced by surveys by the session chairpersons. Among the topics covered are: the context of IS&N, user interfaces, component models and service creation, TMN implementation, service management, and beyond IN.


The context of IS&N.- Standards for integrated services and networks.- Industrial requirements on a Service Creation Environment.- Defining and structuring service requirements on the IN in order to evaluate IN architecture initiatives.- Service engineering versus software engineering.- Integration of adaptations for people with special needs.- Surveillance and protection in IBC management.- User interfaces and their implications for future services.- Metaphors and layers of signification: The consequences for advanced user service interfaces.- Graphical user interface style guide for mobile communication services.- Advanced videocommunications with stereoscopy and individual perspectives.- Hypermedia applications for distance education and training.- Component models and service creation.- Future communication networks - What (public) service providers should provide.- Modelling services in the portfolio from a service provisioning perspective.- Enhanced IN for personal communications.- A component theory for telecommunication architectures.- Building dedicated service creation environments for reuse based production.- TMN implementation issues.- Management of optical networks: SNMP agents enabling TMN.- Requirements of inter-domain management and their implications for TMN architecture and implementation.- Security requirements of the TMN X-interface within end-to-end service management of virtual private networks.- High-level access APIs in the OSIMIS TMN platform: Harnessing and hiding.- Services and services management.- User requirements for advanced communication services.- Personal communications - What is beyond radio?.- Service provisioning in a multi-provider environment.- Application of TINA-C Architecture to management services.- An evolutionary approach for TMN management of IN services.- The use of TMN as an architectural framework for value added services management.- End-to-end service management with multiple providers.- Beyond IN.- Personal communication - Network aspects and implementations.- A service creation environment for a future intelligent network.- Providing services in a World of IBC Resources: An architectural approach.- Service specification concepts in TINA-C.- Application of distributed techniques to the modelling of in architectures and support of service execution.- Distributed transaction processing in the IBC.- Methods and tools.- Formalisation of properties for feature interaction detection: Experience in a real-life situation.- Development of Telecommunications Management systems using OO methods and CASE tool support.- A Decision Support system for assurance of Quality of Service in Intelligent Network service provisioning.- Formal description of OSI management information structure as a prerequisite for formal specifications of TMN interfaces.- Specification and design of TMN systems.- Structuring principles for Total Quality Management in IBCN.- Service/resource discovery and allocation.- Specifying pan-European Management systems.- Computational modelling - UPT split charging management case.- Scenarios.- Security in use and management of VPN - A banking scenario.- SAMSON, Security Management in a health care Scenario.- IN service security and service management security and their relationships - Using UPT as a case study.- Architectures and methods.- A service-driven vision of integrated broadband communications: The OSA approach.- Concepts for a flexible service architecture.- A comparison of the PRISM and OMNI-point methodologies for the specification of management systems.- Formal methods & service specification.- Achieving a Pan-European service infrastructure.
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