Tourism and the Less Developed World

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Many less developed countries are expanding their tourism industries and these are seen to be crucial to their economic development. Yet such activities can also create social, cultural and environmental problems. This book provides a review of many of the key issues involved in tourism in developing countries and presents a range of case studies. These are interpreted from a perspective of the sociology and anthropology of development. Case study chapters are presented from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and Oceania. The book provides essential reading for advanced students and researchers in tourism and development studies.


Introduction - tourist movement and impacts; regional surveys; issues, problems and alternatives. (Part contents).


"The significance of tourism in less developed countries continues to be a matter of contention as many nations seek to expand their industries in pursuit of economic rewards, but become vulnerable to adverse impacts while doing so. The subject is one of relevance to all students of tourism and merits attention in order to raise awareness and improve understanding of tourism's place in contemporary society and the development process. Here, the Editor has assembled a varied and thought-provoking selection of papers to illustrate some of the key issues in the debate ... It is especially illuminating to discover more about locations which usually receive less attention as well as the better documented examples of the Caribbean and Asia Pacific. ... [T]he publication is a timely contribution to the debate about the relationship between tourism and development and a very useful addition to the literature."--Joan Henderson, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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