To Speak in Pairs: Essays on the Ritual Languages of Eastern Indonesia

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Oktober 2002



This collection of essays represents an important advance in the study of oral literature in context.


Illustrations; The contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction James J. Fox; 1. Etiquette in Kodi spirit communication: the lips told to pronounce, the mouths told to speak Janet Alison Hoskins; 2. Method in the metaphor: the ritual language of Wanukaka David Mitchell; 3. Li'i marapu: speech and ritual among the Wewewa of west Sumba Brigitte Renard-Clamagirand; 4. The pattern of prayer in Weyewa Joel C. Kuipers; 5. Fashioned speech, full communication: aspects of eastern Sumbanese ritual language Gregory Forth; 6. Manu Kama's road, Tepa Nilu's path: theme, narrative, and formula in Rotinese ritual language James J. Fox; 7. The case of the purloined statues: the power of words among the Lionese Eriko Aoki; 8. The journey of the bridegroom: idioms of marriage among the Endenese Satoshi Nakagawa; 9. A quest for the source: the ontogenesis of a creation myth of the Ata Tana Ai E. D. Lewis; 10. The tree of desire: a Toraja ritual poem Charles Zerner and Toby Alice Volkman; Notes; References; Index.
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