Ticks: Biology, Disease and Control

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In-depth coverage of ticks, their pathogens and control measures, written by an international collection of experts.


Preface A. S. Bowman and P. A. Nuttall; 1. Systematics and evolution of ticks with a list of valid genus and species names S. C. Barker and A. Murrel; 2. The impact of tick ecology on pathogen transmission dynamics S. E. Randolph; 3. Tick salivary glands: the physiology of tick water-balance and their role in pathogen trafficking and transmission A. S. Bowman, A. Ball and J. R. Sauer; 4. Tick saliva: from pharmacology and biochemistry to transcriptome analysis and functional genomics J. M. Anderson and J. G. Valenzuela; 5. Tick toxins: perspectives on paralysis and other forms of toxicoses caused by ticks B. J. Mans, R. Gothe and A. W. H. Neitz; 6. Tick lectins and fibrinogen-related proteins L. Grubhoffer, R. O. M. Rego, O. Hajdusek, V. Hypsa, V. Kovar, N. Rudenko and J. H. Oliver, Jr.; 7. Endocrinology of tick development and reproduction H. H. Rees; 8. Factors that determine sperm precedence in ticks, spiders and insects: a comparative study W. R. Kaufman; 9. Tick immunobiology M. Brossard and S. K. Wikel; 10. Saliva-assisted transmission of tick-borne pathogens P. A. Nuttall and M. Labuda; 11. Lyme borreliosis in Europe and North America J. Piesman and L. Gern; 12. Viruses transmitted by ticks M. Labuda and P. A. Nuttall; 13. Babesiosis of cattle R. Bock, L. Jackson, B. De Vos and W. Jorgensen; 14. Theileria: life cycle stages associated with the ixodid tick vector R. Bishop, A. Musoke, R. Skilton, S. Morzaria, M. Gardner and V. Nene; 15. Characterization of the tick-pathogen-host interface of the tick-borne rickettsia Anaplasma marginale K. M. Kocan, J. De La Fuente and E. F. Blouin; 16. Emerging and emergent tick-borne infections S. R. Telford III and H. K. Goethert; 17. Analyzing and predicting the occurrence of ticks and tick-borne diseases using GIS M. Daniel, J. Kolar and P. Zeman; 18. Acaricides for controlling ticks on cattle and the problem of acaricide-resistance J. E. George, J. M. Pound and R. B. Davey; 19. Anti-tick vaccines P. Willadsen; 20. Anti-tick biological control agents: assessment and future perspectives M. Samish, H. Ginsberg and I. Glazer; 21. Pheromones and other semiochemicals of ticks and their use in tick control D. E. Sonnenshine.


Alan Bowman has worked at the Universities of Edinburgh, Oxford and Oklahoma State and is now at the University of Aberdeen. His research interests include tick physiology, bioactive factors in tick saliva, drug target development and ecological aspects of borreliosis. Funding for his tick research has come from national funding bodies and both large animal health and small biotechnology companies for which he also acts as a consultant. Pat Nuttall is Director of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), the UK's centre of excellence for integrated research in land-based and freshwater environmental sciences, and part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). She is Professor of Virology of the University of Oxford and a Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. She was awarded the Ivanovsky Medal for Virology in 1996 by the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Order of the British Empire by the Queen in 2000 for services to environmental sciences.


'... this book is a must-buy for every tick biologist and library of every veterinary and medical and biology department on the globe. It is a pleasure to see Cambridge University Press produce it with their exemplary style' Parasites and Vectors
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