Theory and Applications of Graphs

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April 1978



200 years of graph theory - A guided tour.- Chromatic number and subgraphs of cayley graphs.- The multicolorings of graphs and hypergraphs.- Irreducible configurations and the four color conjecture.- Numbered complete graphs, unusual rulers, and assorted applications.- Cycles and semi-topological configurations.- Graphs with unique walks, trails or paths of given lengths.- Triangular imbeddings into surfaces of a join of equicardinal independent sets following an Eulerian graph.- Mixed graphs of homomorphisms.- On chromatic equivalence of graphs.- On graphs having prescribed clique number, chromatic number, and maximum degree.- Domination of undirected graphs - A survey.- Some extremal problems for simple two-complexes.- Various length paths in graphs.- Orthogonal groups over GF(2) and related graphs.- Distance matrix polynomials of trees.- Odd cycles and perfect graphs.- Imbeddings of metacyclic cayley graphs.- On the chromatic index and the cover index of a multigraph.- Pruning and depth first search.- Graphs and their degree sequences: A survey.- The bichromaticity of a tree.- On diameter stability of graphs.- Generalized pseudosurface embeddings of graphs and associated block designs.- Powers of graphs, line graphs, and total graphs.- The cartesian product of two graphs is stable.- A note on a generalized regularity condition.- Long and short walks in trees.- Random clumps, graphs, and polymer solutions.- Mixed ramsey numbers: Edge chromatic numbers vs. graphs.- Planar and outerplanar cayley graphs of free groups.- Coloring restrictions.- If a hadamard matrix of order 24 has character exactly 2, its transpose is known.- Cycle lengths in polytopal graphs.- Subgraph connectivity numbers of a graph.- Matchings in graphs III: Infinite graphs.- Steinhaus graphs.- Packing and covering constants for recursive trees.- The minimum degree and connectivity of a graph.- Generalizations of graphical parameters.- Pursuit-evasion in a graph.- Regularity in tournaments.- On graphs of embedding range one.- Non-existence of graph embeddings.- Food webs, competition graphs, and the boxicity of ecological phase space.- Hamiltonian persistency is periodic among iterated line digraphs.- Some problems in ramsey theory.- Exactly thirteen connected cubic graphs have integral spectra.- A counting theorem for topological graph theory.- k-Arc Hamilton graphs.- Hypohamiltonian graphs and digraphs.- Order preserving embeddings of aographs.- Circular arc graphs: New uses and a new algorithm.- Chromatic sums.- Infinite cayley graphs of connectivity one.- Edge-colorings of graphs - A survey.- Menger and könig systems.
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