Theoretical Issues in Contrastive Linguistics

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Contrastive Linguistics, roughly defined as a subdiscipline of linguistics which is concerned with the comparison of two or more (subsystems of) languages, has long been associated primarily with language teaching. Apart from this applied aspect, however, it also has a strong theoretical purpose, contributing to our understanding of language typology and language universals. Issues in theoretical CL, which also feature in this volume, are the choice of model, the notions of equivalence and contrast, and directionality of descriptions. Languages used for illustration in this volume include English, German, Danish, and Polish.


1. Foreword, pv; 2. Editor's introduction, p1; 3. Part I. Issues in contrastive linguistic theory; 4. Toward contrastive sociolinguistics (by Janicki, Karol), p11; 5. Equivalence and congruence in transformational contrastive studies (by Marton, Waldemar), p19; 6. The measurement of contrast in contrastive linguistics (by Sussex, Roland), p29; 7. 'Theoretical contrastive studies': some methodological remarks (by Zabrocki, Tadeusz), p43; 8. On cross-linguistic argumentation (by Zabrocki, Tadeusz), p57; 9. Part II. Linguistic mmodels and contrastive studies of language; 10. Some remarks on case grammars as bases for contrastive studies (by Boas, Hans Ulrich), p71; 11. Contrastive analysis (by Buren, Paul van), p83; 12. A brief re-appraisel of contrastive linguistics (by Selinker, Larry), p119; 13. Contrastive analysis and modern theory of language (by Lipinska-Grzegorek, Maria), p127; 14. Contrastive generative grammar (by Krzeszowski, Tomasz P.), p185; 15. On some linguistic limitation of classical contrastive analysis (by Krzeszowski, Tomasz P.), p193; 16. Deeper and deeper contrastive analysis (by Preston, Dennis R.), p201; 17. Part III. Phonology in contrastive analysis; 18. The contrastive analysis of phonological systems (by Fisiak, Jacek), p215; 19. How do phonological rules compare? (by Gussmann, Edmund), p225; 20. Autosegmental phonology in contrastive linguistics: some applications (by Dogil, Grzegorz), p237; 21. Contrastive phonostylistics (by Rubach, Jerzy), p263; 22. Part IV. Contrastive linguistics and the lexicon; 23. The lexicon and contrastive language studies (by Nowakowski, Miroslaw), p275; 24. A note on semantic representation of lexical items and on lexical gaps (by Lipinska-Grzegorek, Maria), p293; 25. Lexical entries for verbs in a contrastive english-german lexicon (by Boas, Hans Ulrich), p309; 26. Part V. Syntax and semantics in contrastive linguistics; 27. Some contrastive considerations about semantics in the communication process (by Banczerowski, Jerzy), p325; 28. Existential sentences in english and polish (by Lipinska-Grzegorek, Maria), p347; 29. A contrastive description of deixis in danish and english (by Faerch, Claus), p365; 30. The role of sentence stress in the interpretation of coreferentiality in english and polish (by Szwedek, Aleksander), p377; 31. Towards an erasure principle for german and english infinitive complements (by Thiem, Rudolf), p389; 32. Some remarks on ellipsis in english and polish (by Shopen, Tim), p403; 33. Index of authors, p419; 34. Index of terms and subjects, p425
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