The Year's Work 1995: Critical and Cultural Theory 5

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November 2002



Now combined in a new series with the The Year's Work in English Studies, The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, edited by Kate McGowan, is an annual narrative bibliography which aims to provide a comprehensive collection of theoretical essays with bibliographies for work published in a given year. Like its sister volume, YWES 76, YWCCT 5 covers work published in 1995.YWCCT 5 reviews over three hundred titles in twenty-one chapters, divided into two parts: Part One: Critical Theory, provides a general introductory chapter, followed by coverage of: Semiotics; Intertextuality; Psychoanalysis; Deconstruction; Feminism; Colonial Discourse, Postcolonial Theory; Historicism; Queer Theories/Cultures; and Postmodernism. Part Two: Culture and Communications, offers a general introductory survey of Cultural Studies, with subsequent chapters on: Popular Culture; Australian Popular Culture and Media Studies; Popular Music; Virtual Cultures; Film; Science, Technology and Culture; Cultural Policy; Law and Culture; Aboriginal Identity, Culture and Art; and Australian Pacific Culture and Theory.


Preface.Part I: Critical Theory.1 Critical Theory: General. (David Amigoni)2 Semiotics. (Adrian Page)3 Psychoanalysis. (Vicky Lebeau)4 Deconstruction. (Iain Hamiltion Grant and Karin Littau)5 Feminism. (Jill LeBihan, Jane Goldman, Angie Sandhu and Diana Wallance)6 Colonial Discourse/Postcolonial Theories.(Patrack Willams ,and Nahem Yousaf)7 Historicism. (Scott Wilson)8 Queer Theories/ Cultures. (Tamsin Spargo)9 Discourse Analysis. (Shafqat Nasir)10 Postmodernism. (Michael Ryan) Part II: Culture and Communications.11 Cultural Studies: General. (John Storey)12 Popular Culture. (Hillegonda Rietveld)13 Australian Popular Culture and Media Studies. (Tara Brabazon)14 Popular Music. (David Buckley)15 Virtual Cultures. (Ian Sanders)16 Film Theory. (Susan Purdie)17 Science, Technology and Culture. (Ann Balsamo)18 Culture Policy. (Robin Trotter)19 Law and Culture. (Jonathan Morrow and Nina Puren)20 Aboriginal Identity, Art and Culture. (Michele Grossman)21 Australian Pacific Culture Theory.Index.
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