The World of Carl Larsson

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Februar 2007



"... Wether or not Carl Larsson was the picture of happiness he limned, his art nevertheless provides a finely detailed and emotionally satisfying view of rural life, and this is made abundantly clear in the impressive volume .... a comprehensive view of the man, the artist, and his times, as well as a stunning display of his work. ... providing a look at Larsson's life and work, description of the period of "open air" painting in France, ... / Most impressive is the balance achieved in the essays and in the selection of paintings and drawings to represent the diverse aspects of Larsson's career. ... The volume provides a comprehensive array of the paintings for which Larsson is best known, and they are arranged in a logical album format. The illustrations are accompanied by portions of Larsson's own text, providing a very personal view of the man and his work. The reproductions are of uniformly high quality. ... - K.C." / The Wilson Library Bulletin.
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Untertitel: Originaltitel: Carl Larssons Welt. revised edition 2003. 410 Abbildungen, davon 210 farbige. Sprache: Englisch.
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