The World Economy: Global Trade Policy 2006

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September 2007



"First published as Volume 29, issue 10 of The World Economy."


Trade Policy Reviews. 1. Storm Signals: An Analysis of the Trade Policy Review of the European Communities: P. K. M. Tharakan. 2. Identifying Trade Structure and Macroeconomic Caveats: The Post-crisis of Korea: Jong-Eun Lee. 3. The Most and the Least Favoured Nations: Norway's Trade Policy in Perspective: Arne Melchior. Special Feature. 4. Mini-symposium on the WTO Non-agricultural Market Access (NAMA) Negotiations: Introduction: Chris Milner. 5. Why NAMA Liberalisation is Good for Developing Countries: Philippe Legrain. 6. Economic Implications of WTO Negotiations on Non-agricultural Market Access: Sam Laird. 7. Preference Erosion, Government Revenues and Non-tariff Trade Barriers: Bob Fisher. 8. Enlarging the Vision for Trade Policy Space: Special and Differentiated Treatment and Infant Industry Issues: Patrick A. Messerlin. 9. Making NAMA Work: Supporting Adjustment and Development: Chris Milner. Institutional Focus. 10. Why the WTO is Deadlocked: And What Can Be Done About It: Paul Collier. Index


David Greenaway is Professor of Economics and Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalization and Economic Policy at The University of Nottingham.
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