The Wide Open: Prose, Poetry, and Photographs of the Prairie

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September 2008



"Few things have defined the American experience as fully as the open prairie. In this volume, some of our very finest modern writers and photographers provide perhaps the most rounded view we''ve ever had of this great landscape and the enduring culture it gave rise to. A true gift, for people of every region."--Bill McKibben, author of "The Bill McKibben Reader"


Frontispiece--Panorama / Lois Conner; Dedication; Introduction / Susan O'Connor and Annick Smith; Preface: American Prairie Foundation / Stephanie Ambrose Tubbs; Notes on the Photographs / Fredericka Hunter; Photo Editors / Fredericka Hunter and Ian GlenniePart I: HOME ON THE RANGEMary Clearman Blew / Becoming; Judy Blunt / Evolution; James Welch / Excerpt from The Death of Jim Loney; James Galvin / No Bastion (poem); Thomas McGuane / A Foal; M.L. Smoker (poems) / Birthright - Letter to Richard Hugo - Grandfather Poem - Crosscurrent; Jim Harrison / To a Meadowlark (poem); Portfolio #1 / Lee FriedlanderPART II: HUNTING AND GATHERINGBarry Lopez / The Bear in the Road; Rick Bass / Bird Hunter; David James Duncan / What the Prairie Has To Say About Fly Fishing; William Kittridge / Far Point [novel excerpt]; Gretel Ehrlich / A Summer Journal; Portfolio #2 / Lois ConnerPART III: TRAVELS ACROSS THE PLAINSJim Harrison / Don't Fence Me In; Annick Smith / Crossing the Plains with Bruno [excerpt]; Richard Ford / Empire; Portfolio #3 / Geoffrey James; PART IV: NATURAL HISTORY; Dan Flores / An Entire Heaven and An Entire Earth; Peter Matthiessen / Plains, Prairies, and the Shining Mountains; Richard Manning / Instructions from a Misanthrope's Paradise; Richard Hugo /Driving Montana - Distances - High Grass Prairie - Bear PawAuthor, photographer, and editor bios


Annick Smith is the author of several books, most recently "In This We Are Native: On Going Away and Coming Home" and "Homestead." She is coeditor of the Montana anthology "The Last Best Place" and an award-winning story writer. Susan O'Connor, a philanthropist and arts advocate, is on the board of the American Prairie Foundation and is involved with other literary, environmental, and social justice nonprofit organizations. She lives in Missoula, Montana. Contributors: Rick Bass, Mary Clearman Blew, Judy Blunt, Lois Conner, David James Duncan, Gretel Ehrlich, Dan Flores, Richard Ford, Lee Friedlander, James Galvin, Ian Glennie, Jim Harrison, Richard Hugo, Fredericka Hunter, Geoffrey James, William Kittredge, Barry Lopez, Richard Manning, Peter Matthiessen, Thomas McGuane, Susan O'Connor, Annick Smith, M. L. Smoker, Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs, and James Welch.


"The prairie is America's quintessential landscape. Its biography, movingly assembled here, is thus our story in all its heartbreaking beauty, its mystery, its tragedy."--Frederick Turner, author of Beyond Geography: The Western Spirit Against the Wilderness
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