The Welfare of Cats

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Written by experts from the UK, the USA and Switzerland, this book focuses on the major issues affecting the welfare of domestic cats. It covers behaviour, the human-cat relationship, and the impact of housing, disease, nutrition and breeding on welfare.


1: Cat Behaviour: Social Organization, Communication and Development; Sharon L. Crowell-Davis.
2: The Assessment of Welfare; Rachel A. Casey and John W. S. Bradshaw.
3: The Human-Cat Relationship; Penny L. Bernstein.
4: Behaviour Problems and Welfare; Sarah E. Heath.
5: Cat Overpopulation in the United States; Philip H. Kass.
6: The Welfare of Feral Cats; Margaret R. Slater.
7: Housing and Welfare; Irene Rochlitz.
8: Disease and Welfare; Kit Sturgess.
9: Nutrition and Welfare; Kit Sturgess and Karyl J. Hurley.
10: Breeding and Welfare; Andreas Steiger.


From the reviews:
"This is the third volume in the series Animal Welfare by Species, edited by Clive Phillips, and the first on a companion animal species. In her Foreword, editor Irene Rochlitz claims that this volume was written with researchers, animal welfare organizations and cat owners in mind, and it certainly will be useful to all of those and more. I would like to commend the editor and all of the contributors for producing an extremely readable, up-to-date review and interpretation of our current knowledge about domestic cats, and how it applies to all aspects of cat welfare in all situations in which they live and are housed. Without a doubt this book represents a significant contribution to the domestic cat literature, and as the first (and only) book on cat welfare, will find a wide audience amongst both professionals and lay persons alike." (Dennis C. Turner, Animal Behavior, Institute of Zoology, University of Zurich and Institute of applied Ethology and Animal Psychology, I.E.A.P., Switzerland)
"This is the third volume of a series that addresses animal welfare from a species perspective. ... it will be of particular interest to veterinarians, cattery and shelter managers, anyone involved with cats used in research, and policymakers responsible for cat populations and their impacts on society and the environment." (Julie Levy, Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 82, June, 2007)
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