The Values of Volunteering

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Juli 2003



This book examines volunteering in detail from a civil society perspective, using empirical data garnered from various sources for countries all over the globe. The contributions deal with a broad spectrum of questions, ranging from the diversity, social and cultural determinants and organizational settings of volunteering, to its possible individual, social, and political effects.


Volunteering and Values: An Introduction; P. Dekker, L. Halman.
All in the Eyes of the Beholder? Perceptions of Volunteering Across Eight Countries; L.C.P.M. Meijs, F. Handy, R.A. Cnaan, J.L. Brudney, U. Ascoli, S. Ranade, L. Hustinx, S. Weber, I. Weiss.
Volunteering in Global Perspective; V. Hodgkinson.
Modernization and Volunteering; R. Inglehart.
Institutional Roots of Volunteering: Towards a Macro-Structural Theory of Individual Voluntary Action; L.M. Salamon, S.W. Sokolowski.
Do People Who Volunteer Have a Distinctive Ethos? A Canadian Study; P. Reed, L.K. Selbee.
A Humanistic Perspective on the Volunteer-Recipient Relationship: A Mexican Study; J. Butcher.
From Restitution to Innovation: Volunteering in Post-Communist Countries; S. Juknevicius, A. Savicka.
Volunteering in Romania: A 'Rara Avis'; M. Voicu, B. Voicu.
Generations and Organizational Change; D. Wollaboek, P. Selle.
Volunteering, Democracy, and Democratic Attitudes; L. Halman.
Cultivating Apathy in Voluntary Associations; N. Eliasoph.
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