The Uses of Sociology

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August 2002



"The Uses of Sociology" discusses whether sociological knowledge is important. It introduces students to the main ways in which sociology is practised in the world and explores the major debates concerning its social purposes.
Explores questions concerning the usefulness of sociology and the problems involved in engaging in social intervention.
Includes readings which students can use to evaluate the usefulness of different sociological perspectives.
Compares and contrasts different sociological traditions, and their engagements with 'the social'.
Forms part of a four-book series on sociology and society.
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Preface. The Uses Of Sociology: Introduction: Peter Hamilton And Kenneth Thompson. 1. Mapping The Field: Peter Hamilton. 2. Sociology And Government: Tony Bennett. 3. The Public Sphere: Jim Mcguigan. 4. Tools For Commerce? Sociology And Economic Life: Elizabeth Mcfall. 5. Sociology And Social Movements: Theories, Analyses And Ethical Dilemmas: Merl Storr. 6. Sociology Unbound: Karim Murji. 7. Understanding The Past And Predicting The Future: Sociologists And Prophets: Kenneth Thompson. Readings In The Uses Of Sociology. Auguste Comte: The Positive Philosophy (1853). Robert A. Nisbet: Sociology As An Art Form (1968). C. Wright Mills: The Sociological Imagination (1959). Zygmunt Bauman: Legislators And Interpreters (1987). Michel Foucault: Governmentality (1991). Anne Witz: The Feminist Challenge (1997). John Urry: Sociology As A Parasite: Some Vices And Virtues (1981). Acknowledgements. Index.


Peter Hamilton is Lecturer in Sociology at The Open University. He played a key role in developing sociology at The Open University, and in sociology publishing more generally. His recent publications include 'The Beautiful and the Damned' (with Roger Hargreaves) (2001). Kenneth Thompson is Professor in Sociology at The Open University. He was one of the founders of sociology at The Open University and is co-President of the International Sociological Association Research Committee on Sociological Theory. His previous publications include 'Moral Panics'(1999).
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