The Unknown Country: Death in Australia, Britain and the USA

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Mai 1997



In a strategy deliberately counter to many earlier texts which focus on social aspects of death and dying this book will not examine death through the social prism of US or British culture alone. Drawing only on material from a single society gives readers the misleading impression of a universal experience. As a text in the sociology of death and dying this volume examines culture-specific images and experiences of death in three major western societies - Australia, Britain and the USA.


Preface - Notes on Contributors - Death in the Country of Matilda; A.Kellehear & I.Anderson - Secular, Savage and Solitary: Death in Australian Painting; L.Fitzpatrick - Good Girls Die, Bad Girls Don't: The Uses of the Dying Virgin in Nineteenth-Century Australian Fiction; S.K.Martin - Prayers to Broken Stones: War and Death in Australia; P.D'Alton - The Legacy of Suicide: The Impact of Suicide on Families; M.Fraser - Death and The Great Australian Disaster; B.Raphael - Is there a British Way of Death?; G.Howarth - Women, Death and In-Memoriam Notices in a Local British Newspaper; S.Adams - The Social Construction of Funerals in Britain; B.Smale - Emotional Reserve and the British Way of Grief; T.Walter - Why was England the First Country to Popularise Cremation?; P.C.Jupp - The Public Construction of AIDS Deaths in the United Kingdom; N.Small - The American Ways of Death; M.R.Leming & G.E.Dickinson - You Never Have to Die! On Mormons, NDEs, Cryonics and the American Immortalist Ethos; M.Kearl - Death, Dying and Bioethics: Current Issues in the USA; R.Bendiksen - Managing the Spectre of Death: The War against Drug Use and AIDS in America; J.A.Levy & D.J.Amick - Grief and Loss of Self; K.Charmaz - Diversity in Universality: Dying, Death and Grief; D.P.Irish - Index


KATHY CHARMAZ is Professor and Chair and Faculty Writing Coordinator in the Sociology Department at Sonoma State University, USA. She received her PhD in sociology from the University of California, San Francisco, in 1973 and joined the faculty at Sonoma State University at that time. She is Vice-President elect of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction. Professor Charmaz is the author of The Social Reality of Death and Good Days, Bad Days: the Self in Chronic Illness and Time. Good Days, Bad Days was awarded the 1992 Distinguished Scholarship Award by the Pacific Sociological Association and the 1992 Charles Horton Cooley Award of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction. GLENNYS HOWARTH is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sussex. She was formerly T.H. Marshall Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the London School of Economics, and is the author of Last Rites and editor (with Peter Jupp) of Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Death, Dying and Disposal and The Changing Face of Death. Dr Howarth is also founding editor (with Peter Jupp) of the journal Mortality, the first major international journal of death, dying and bereavement outside the Uniter States. ALLAN KELLEHAR is Professor and Head of Research Development at Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, a non-government research and clinical services organisation affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Previously he was Senior Lecturer in Sociology at La Trobe University and Lecturer and Lecturer in Sociology at Deakin University in Australia. He is the author of Dying of Cancer: the Final Year of Life, The Unobtrusive Researcher: a Guide to Methods and Experiences Near Death: Beyond Medicine and Religion. He is also co-editor (with Derek Colquhoun) of the two volume Health Research in Practice.

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