The Third Wave of Modernization in Latin America: Cultural Perspective on Neo-Liberalism

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Dezember 1997



The term modernization has been used extensively in Latin America since the post-World War II period to describe the promotion of Western world views and consumption patterns. The term is being used in the 1990s in conjunction with the neoliberal pressure


Part 1 I: Changing Rural Lives Part 2 II: Transforming Urban Enterprises Part 3 III: Restructuring Society and Nature Part 4 Conclusion: Anthropology in the Age of Neoliberalism


Third Wave is a stunning collection that demonstrates anthropology's powerful contribution to current debates on neoliberalism in Latin America. Here we finally begin to understand just what is being 'globalized' and at whose expense. Bravo! -- Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Dept Anthropology, UC Berkeley; Auth: Death without Weeping Provides a much-needed anthropological overview of the human dimensions of social and economic changes in contemporary Latin America. New Mexico Historical Review An excellent collection of essays about probably the most important changes occurring in late-twentieth-century Latin America. Highly recommended. CHOICE
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