The Theory and Practice of Institutional Transplantation

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Dezember 2002



Inevitably, at a panel discussion not too long ago comparing planning cultures the discussion turned on the issue of globalisation. As a member of the panel, this author asked those in the audience who lived and/or worked in a country different from their country of origin to raise their hands. About half of the audience of well over one hundred academic teachers and researchers from all comers of the world, the present author included did so. Next he asked who had a spouse or partner from a country different from their country of origin to also raise their hands. About half of the audience, the present author included, raised their hands. This is the soft side of globalisation. The soft side of globalisation is important. Exchanges, personal mobility, international romances, multi-culturalism and multi-lingualism (inevitably meaning non-native speakers struggling to keep up with native English speakers) are part of the academic scene, so much so that we can hardly imagine it to be otherwise. These are not entirely new phenomena, but they have become ever more prominent, relying on an ever more elaborate institutional infrastructure of exchange programmes, international journals, associations and the global conference industry. It was at the AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) congress at Bmo in the Czech Republic in July 2000 that the plan for this book was hatched.


Preface. Acknowledgements.
1. Institutional transplantation: An introduction; V. Mamadouh, et al. Part
I: Conceptual Issues.
2. Institutional transplantation: Potentials and limitations; M. de Jong, V. Mamadouh.
3. Families of nation and institutional transplantation; K. Lalenis, et al. Part
II: Transplants from Continental Europe.
4. Rijkswaterstaat: A 1798 French transplant in the Netherlands, two centuries later; M. de Jong.
5. The evolution of local administration in Greece: How using transplants from France became an historical tradition; K. Lalenis.
6. Importing the French retail planning model to Spain; L. Arribas.
7. Bringing democracy to 'The West': democratic institutions and good governance in the Netherlands Antilles; V. Mamadouh, O. Nauta.
8. West German school systems for the new Länder: The reform of the educational system in the former GDR after German reunification; F. den Hertog, M. de Jong.
III: Transplants from the Anglo-Saxon world.
9. More Thatcher than the real thing: Policy transfer and economic reforms in New Zealand; G. Menz.
10. Inertia in the implementation of a privatisation programme: The case of policy transfer in Taiwan; D. Parker.
11. The Western urban development model meets Moscow politics; T. Pagonis, A. Thornley.
12. Higher education reform in Indonesia: Integrating New Public Management and national values; H. Verheul.
13. An American in London: Why a London Underground replay of the New York subway refurbishment was unsuccessful; M. de Jong, N. Haran. Part
IV: Transplants with Multiple Donors.14. Surpassing the Swedish model of road management liberalisation? Finland's use of patience and selectivity in adopting foreign models; M. de Jong. 15. The merits of keeping cool while hearing the siren calls: An account of the preparation and establishment of the Flemish spatial planning system; M. de Jong, J. de Vries. 16. Representing the people of the European Union: Transplanting democratic institutions to the supranational level; V. Mamadouh. 17. Sustainable neighbourhood rehabilitation in Europe: From simple toolbox to multilateral learning; E. van Bueren, et al. Conclusions: 18. Drawing lessons about lesson drawing: What case reports tell us about institutional transplantation; M. de Jong, et al. About the Authors. Index.
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