The Tavern Lamps Are Burning: Literary Journeys Through Six Regions and Four Centuries of NY States

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Januar 1996



This collection, complemented by 40 paintings from the collection of the New York State Historical Association, gives us upstate New York from a myriad of its inhabitants and visitors, a multifaceted portrait of an area about which Carmer hopes 'the peppered reader will be convinced that there is an over-all one of a kind nonesuchness that separates upstate from the rest of the world.'


Carl Carmer was author of Stars Fell on Alabam, The Hudson available from Fordham University Press), and many others. Much of his writing reflects his life-long pursuit of the folklore and history of New York state. He was Vice President of the Board of Trustees for the New York State Historical Association and was Honorary Trustee of the New York State Folklore Society.
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