The Supervisory Alliance: Facilitating the Psychotherapist's Learning Experience

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Mai 2002



Issues such as the superviseeOs internalizations of the supervisor, impasses, gender roles, personal styles, and different needs of the supervisor and supervisee are opened up in this wide-ranging, timely book.


Susan Gill, Ph.D., C.S.W., is a supervisor and faculty member in the Adult Training Program of the Psychoanalytic Institute of the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, and the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, and is a supervisor at the Washington Square Institute for Psychotherapy and Mental Health. Dr. Gill has published and presented clinical papers on working with resistance, transference, projective identification, and sexual abuse. In 1997, she received Postgraduate Center's Emanual K. Schwartz Memorial Award for writing on psychoanalytic supervision. Before becoming a psychoanalyst, Dr. Gill received a Ph.D. in art history and taught at Parson's School of Design and Hunter College. She was a frequent contributor to art journals and co-authored the book Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen. She maintains a private practice in New York City.
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