The Statistical Consultant in Action

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Juni 2002



This book presents the human side of statistical consulting and illustrates the problems and opportunities that can arise.


Preface; List of contributors; 1. Statistical consultancy D. J. Hand and B. S. Everitt; 2. Consultants' cameos: a chapter of encounters Tony Greenfield; 3. Straight consulting V. Barnett; 4. A two-period crossover trial D. Clayton and M. Hills; 5. Consultancy in a medical school, illustrated by a clinical trial for treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis D. G. Cook and S. J. Pocock; 6. The analysis of response latencies G. Dunn; 7. Acid rain and tree roots: an analysis of an experiment J. N. R. Jeffers; 8. On identifying yeasts and related problems J. C. Gower and R. W. Payne; 9. Uneven sex ratios in the light-brown apple moth: a problem in outlier allocation Toby Lewis; 10. Collaboration between university and industry B. J. T. Morgan, P. M. North and S. E. Pack; 11. Inspection for faulty components before or after assembly of manufactured items P. M. E. Altham; 12. Statistical modelling of the EEC Labour Force Survey: a project history M. Aitkin and R. Healey; Bibliography on statistical consulting D. J. Hand; Name index; Subject index.
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