The State After Communism: Governance in the New Russia

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August 2006



After the fall of communism in Russia, most observers took for granted that the structures of the new democratic state would be effective agents of the popular will. This assumption was overly optimistic. Eleven respected contributors examine governance in post-Soviet Russia in comparative context, investigating the roots, characteristics, and consequences of the crisis as a whole and its manifestations in the specific realms of tax collection, statistics, federalism, social policy, regulation of the banks, currency exchange, energy policy, and parliamentary oversight of the bureaucracy.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Governance and Postcommunist Politics Chapter 2 Building Fiscal Capacity Chapter 3 The Transformation of State Statistics Chapter 4 Resistance to the Central State in the Periphery Chapter 5 State Capacity and Pension Provision Chapter 6 Governing the Banking Sector Chapter 7 Evaluating Exchange Rate Management Chapter 8 The Paradox of Energy Sector Reform Chapter 9 Democratization, Separation of Powers, and State Capacity Chapter 10 Conclusion: The State of the State in Putin's Russia


Timothy J. Colton is professor of government and Russian studies and director of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University. Stephen Holmes is professor of law at New York University School of Law.


An interesting, challenging book. Highly recommended. CHOICE The State After Communism is a laudable effort to understand this pehnomenon, aiming to correct the earlier neglect and to "bring the state back in" to scholarly analyses of contemporary insightful, useful set of studies on the emerging Russian state. Canadian Slavonic Papers, March-June 2010 This book offers a long-awaited and much-needed assessment of the current condition of the Russian state from a distinguished group of leading American scholars of Russian affairs. The volume of essays will be required reading for any serious student of Russia who wants to understand the complexities of how the country is governed today, years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and to get a sense of the direction of the Russian state in the future. -- Fiona Hill, The Brookings Institution
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