The Sexual Self: The Construction of Sexual Scripts

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In the late 1960s, John Gagnon and William Simon, developed the concept of sexual scripts as part of a larger project of treating sexuality like any other social phenomenon. This title includes reflections on the careers of Gagnon and Simon, and examines the construction of both sexual identity and sexual behaviors in a variety of settings.


Introduction: "John Gagnon and the Sexual Self"; Michael Kimmel; SEXUALITIES AND SELVES; "The Sexual Self in Late Modernity"; Stevi Jackson; "Queers, Bodies and Post-Modern Sexualities: A Note on Revisiting the 'Sexual' in Symbolic Interactionism"; Ken Plummer; "In Search of Sexual Fingerprints: Exploring the Sociological Construction of Sexual Selves"; Rebecca Plante; "Friendship, Sex and Masculinity"; Peter M. Nardi; SEXUAL SCRIPTS; "Scripting the Sex: Fantasy, Narrative and Sexual Scripts in Pornographic Films"; Jeffrey Escoffier; "The Social Construction of Heterosexuality"; Pepper Schwartz; "Shapes of Desire"; Arlene Stein; "'It's less work for us and it shows us she has good taste': Masculinity, Sexual Initiation and Contemporary Sexual Scripts"; Shari Dworkin and Lucia O'Sullivan; "Relationship Innovation in Male Couples"; Barry Adam; "Miscommunication and Misinterpretations: Men's Scripts about Sexual Communication and Unwanted Sex in Interactions with Women"; David Wyatt Seal, Lucia O'Sullivan, and Anke Ehrhardt; SEXUAL BEHAVIOR; "Sex, Intimacy and Family Life in the United States"; Ed Laumann, Jenna Mahay and Yoosik Youm; "Sexual Scripting and Self Process: Intersubjectivity among Gay Men"; David Knapp Whittier and Rita Melendez; SEXUAL POLITICS; "Stigma, Passing and the Legacy of the Gay Cultural Revolution for the 21st Century"; Gilbert Herdt; "Sexuopharmacology: A Fateful New Element in Sexual Scripts"; Leonore Tiefer; "'The Badlands of Desire': Sex Research, Cultural Scenarios, and the Politics of Knowledge Production"; Steven Epstein; POSTSCRIPT; "The Never-Ending Conversation: An Interview with John Gagnon"; Gunter Schmidt; Selected Publications of John Gagnon.


Michael Kimmel, Professor of Sociology, SUNY Stony Brook, is author of The Gendered Society, The Gender of Desire, and Manhood in America, among other books.

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