The Self and The Other

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Juni 1977



Inaugural Lecture.- Pensée et Prédication.- I - The Irreducible / In the Individual or in Human Communication?.- The Unique Individual and His Other.- The Irreducible Alienation of the Self.- A Time to Exist on One's Own.- Love of Self: Obstacle or Privileged Means of Encountering Another?.- II - The Irreducible Personal Nucleus in Human Communication.- Participation or Alienation?.- The Dialectical Conception of Self-Determination.- Phenomenology of Personalistic Morality.- The Self and the Other in the Thought of Edith Stein.- III - The Irreducible Factor in Human Creativity: Causality, Language, Cognition and Interpretation.- Otherness and Causality.- Le Langage Entre Soi et Autrui.- The 'Founded Act' and the Apperception of Others.- Empathy, A Return to Reason.- The Creative Self and the Other in Man's Self-Interpretation.
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Untertitel: The Irreducible Element in Man. Part I: The `Crisis of Man'. 'Analecta Husserliana'. 1977. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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