The Russian Memoir: History and Literature

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November 2003



Essays map the aesthetic form and social and political functions of the memoir in modern Russian culture


Part I The Memoir And The World: Images Of The Intelligentsia, Jane Gary Harris And Lydia Ginzburg; The Stuffed Shirt Unstuffed - Zabolotsky's "Early Years" And The Complexity Of Soviet Culture, Sarah Pratt; The Italics Are Hers - Matrophobia And The Family Romance In Elena Bonner's "Mothers And Daughters", Helena Goscilo; Accommodating The Consumer's Desires - El'dar Riazanov's Memoirs In Soviet And Post-Soviet Russia, Alexander Prokhorov. Part II The Memoir And The Word: The Canonization Of Dolgorukaia, Gitta Hammarberg; Art And Prostokvasha - Avdot'ia Panaeva's Work, Jehanne Gheith And Beth Holmgren; The Art Of Memory - Cultural Reverence As Political Critique In Evgeniia Ginzburg's Writing Of The Gulag, Natasha Kolchevska; English As Sanctuary - Nabokov's And Brodsky's Autobiographical Writings, Galya Diment; The Tale Of Bygone Years - Reconstructing The Past In The Contemporary Russian Memoir, Marina Balina.


BETH HOLMGREN is a professor of Slavic languages and literatures at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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