The Roman Law Tradition

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April 2004



The law developed by the ancient Romans remains a powerful legal and political instrument today. In The Roman Law Tradition a general editorial introduction complements a series of more detailed essays by an international team of distinguished legal scholars exploring the various ways in which Roman law has affected and continues to affect patterns of legal decision-making throughout the world.


List of contributors; Foreword Peter Stein; List of abbreviations; 1. The Roman law tradition David Ibbetson and Andrew Lewis; 2. Labeo and the fraudulent slave Alan Rodger; 3. Doing and causing to be done Peter Birks; 4. The danger of definition: contrectatio and appropriation David Ibbetson; 5. Going to the fair - Jacques de Revigny on possession William M. Gordon; 6. Bembo giureconsulto? Michael H. Crawford; 7. Gentilis and the interpretatio duplex J. L. Barton; 8. Ius gentium in the practice of the Court of Admiralty around 1600 Alain Wijffels; 9. Stair's title 'Of Liberty and Servitude' John D. Ford; 10. The actio communi dividundo in Roman and Scots law Geoffrey MacCormack; 11. Sale and transfer of title in Roman and Scots Law David Johnston; 11. 'What Marcellus says is against you': Roman law and Common law Andrew Lewis; 12. Audi et alteram partem: a limit to judicial activity Daan Asser; Index of sources; Index of names and subjects.


"These are learned and sophisticated discussions of scholarly material conducted at an advanced level." Choice
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