The Racial Politics of Booker T. Washington

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September 2006



Scholars have sought to understand the mystique surrounding Booker T Washington. He is an enigma and continues to be lauded by those who offer him and his ideas as a model for Black Progress. This volume aims to provide the reader with a wide inter-disciplinary landscape with which to assess Washington.


Dedication List of Contributors Introduction Rutledge M. Dennis Donald Cunnigen Part I. Racial Politics, Leadership, and the Theory of Practicality The Situational Politics of Booker T. Washington Rutledge M. Dennis A Black Leader in the Age of Jim Crow Louis R. Harlan Booker T. Washington: Racial Pragmatism Revisited W. Avon Drake Part II. Racial Culture, Masks, Myths, and Symbols Your Arms are too Short to Box with Me: Encounters with Booker T. Eashington, International Trickster Amanda Kemp Booker t. Washington and the Art of Self-Representation Michael Bieze Part III. Race and the Sociological Imagination Booker t. Washington and the Sociology of Black Deficit Carl Jorgensen Monroe N. Works Contribution to Booker t. Washingtons Fight Against White Supremacy Vernon J. Williams Booker T. Washington, Robert Park and Second Generation African-American Sociologists Donald Cunnigen Part IV. Washington the Internationalist: The World Beyond Tuskegee Booker T. Washington and The Danish Folk High School Erik Overgaard Pedersen Washingtons Encounter with Europe Vivian greene-gantzberg Epilogue Rutledge M. Dennis
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