The Pulse of Humanitarian Assistance

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April 2007



Part of a series that aims to understand the complex nature of international humanitarian action. This book is a report on problems, threats, and opportunities facing relief efforts in the world. It includes essays which confront the critical issues facing the delivery of effective relief.


KEVIN M. CAHILL, M.D., is Director of Fordham's Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs and President of the Center for International Health and Cooperation in New York City.


This timely book discusses the many challenges facing humanitarians in their increasinglinly complex work. Kevin Cahill and his expert contributors have correctly identified what constitutes the pulse of humanitarian assistance, and many of the dilemmas it faces, in a thoughtful and constructive way.-Tom Arnold
In taking the pulse of humanitarian assistance, Dr. Cahill and hisimpressive array of authors detect a steady heartbeat behind thebattered and bruised exterior of current relief operations.Shrinking humanitarian space, the frustrations of inadequateprotection, the rarity of social justice, the challenges ofbuilding local capacity and the need to move from first aid torecovery all amount to a call for action. This book addresses theseissues with clinical clarity, and responds with a clear moral voice.CPR in print.-Dirk Salomons
We are living in agonizingly complicated times, when a volunteer doctorfrom Kansas may find herself repairing the broken bodies of an ethnicconflict on a continent far away. She may one day look up to see a childwhose bones she mended a year ago now standing before her, machete in hand, threatening murder. Whether they work for organizations like the Red Cross, for United Nations agencies or for their governments, the world-overhumanitarians now find themselves in great confusion. This is an enormous, soul-searching moment in history, brilliantly clarified and focused by ThePulse of Humanitarian Assistance.-Laurie Garrett
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