The Psalms of Solomon: A Critical Edition of the Greek Text

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August 2007



A critical edition of the Greek texts of the "Psalms of Solomon", which reflects the turmoil of events in the last pre-Christian century and gives an eyewitness account of the first invasions of the Romans into Jerusalem. This book provides a detailed expectation of the Jewish Messiah before the New Testament.


Foreword; Preface; Introduction; The Greek Manuscripts; Stemma; History of Scholarship in the Psalms of Solomon; Differences Between This Edition and Previous Editions; The Greek Text of the Psalms; Annotated List of Editions and Translations of the Greek Text of the Psalms of Solomon; Bibliography of the Greek Text of the Psalms of Solomon; Additional Bibliography of the Psalms of Solomon.


Robert Wright is Professor of Religion at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, USA.


"Wright has worked for a long time on these texts, which are of great interest for the study of the theology in the Second Temple period." 32.5 (2008)--Sanford Lakoff "Journal for The Study of the Old Testament "
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