The Principle of Proportionality in the Laws of Europe

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April 1999



This book of essays examines the meaning of proportionality in a number of different contexts, including those of EC law, the domestic law of the Member States of the EU and the law of the European Convention on Human Rights.


Recent developments in the principle proportionality in European Community law, Francis G. Jacobs; proportionality and the European Convention on Human Rights, Jeremy McBride; the effect of proportionality on the actions of member states of the European Community - national viewpoints from continental Europe, Walter van Gerven; proportionality in European Community law - searching for the appropriate standard of scrutiny, Takis, Tridimas; unreasonableness and proportionality in UK law, Paul Craig; the influence of the European principle of proportionality upon UK law, The Rt. Hon. Lord Hoffmann; proportionality and the Human Rights Act 1998, David Feldman; proportionality and the supremacy of parliament in the UK, Nicholas Green; the concept of proportionality in European Community sex discrimination law.


Evelyn Ellis is Professor of Law at the University of Birmingham.


will justifiably be much consulted in the coming years, not just for research purposes but also to shape and provoke debate.Thomas de la MareJudicial ReviewSeptember 2002a useful book on the state of the law in relation to an important concept for public and Community lawyers.Holly CullenEuropean Law ReviewSeptember 2002
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