The Practice of Supply Chain Management: Where Theory and Application Converge

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August 2003



For over a decade, there has been an increasing interest in the use of supply chain methods to improve performance across the entire business enterprise. Numerous industries have recognized the importance of efficient supply chain integration, and, as a result, supply chain management has become a standard part of business practice. The Practice of Supply Chain Management: Where Theory and Application Converge is a must-have volume for users of supply chain management methods, supply chain management researchers, and students in supply chain management. The objective of the book is to provide an overview of this important practice-research cycle, and it is organized into three sections: Core Concepts and Practices; Emerging Supply Chain Practices; and Supply Chain in Action. The focus of the book is on supply chain practice, but supply chain practice that has been heavily influenced by supply chain research. It is this synergy between research and practice that continues to simulate new directions for research.


Introduction. Core Concepts and Practices. 1. Principles for the Strategic Design of Supply Chains; T.P. Harrison. 2. Tactical Planning for Reinventing the Supply Chain; D. Simchi-Levi, E. Simchi-Levi, M. Watson. 3. Inventory and the Supply Chain; J.J. Neale, B.T. Tomlin, S.P. Willems. 4. Supply Chain Performance Metrics; W.H. Hausman. Emerging Supply Chain Practices. 5. Sourcing Strategy and Supplier Relationships: Alliances vs. eProcurement; D.F. Pyke, M.E. Johnson. 6. Supply-Chain Coordination: How Manufacturers and Retailers Leverage Information Flows to Generate Value; S. Cohen Kulp, E. Ofek, J. Whitaker. 7. Supply Chain Net: The Impact of Web-based Technologies on Supply Chain Management; E. Yücesan, L.N. Van Wassenhove. 8. e-Business and Supply Chain Integration; Hau L. Lee, Seungjin Whang. 9. Managing Product Variety through Postponement: Concept and Applications; S. Venkatesh, J.M. Swaminathan. 10. Creating and Leveraging Options in the High Technology Supply Chain; C. Billington, B. Johnson. 11. Managing Supply Chains with Differentiated Service Requirements - Models and Applications; M.A. Cohen, V. Deshpande, Yunzeng Wang. Supply Chain in Action. 12. Data-Rich Supply Chain Management: The Case of Seven Eleven Japan; Seungjin Whang. 13. Lucent Technologies: Achieving the Impossible By Using Provisioning and Postponement; D.W. Hoyt, E. Lopez-Tello. 14. Measuring the Benefits Of Product Standardization and Postponement of Configuration in a Supply Chain; T. Davila, M. Wouters.15. Technology for Transportation Bidding at The Home Depot; W. Elmaghraby, P. Keskinocak. 16. The Benefits of Business-to-Business Applications for Fabless Semiconductor Companies; B. Peleg. 17. Supply Chain Management at a Chip Tester Manufacturer; S. Gavirneni. 18. Aerospace Supply Chain Dynamics; T. Bilczo, L. Bugbee, J. Fitzhugh, D. Gilbert, S. Halladin, J. Rubert, B. Budiman. 19. Agent Models of Supply Network Dynamics: Analysis, Design, and Operation; S. Brueckner, H. Baumgaertel, V. Parunak, R. Vanderbok, J. Wilke. Index.
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