The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism

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September 2005



Do national boundaries have fundamental moral significance, or do we have moral obligations to foreigners that are equal to our obligations to our compatriots? The latter position is known as cosmopolitanism, and this volume brings together a number of distinguished political philosophers and theorists to explore cosmopolitanism and the positive arguments that can be made for it. Their essays provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of the debate as well as the alternative visions of cosmopolitanism that will interest a wide range of readers in philosophy, political theory, and law.


Introduction Gillian Brock and Harry Brighouse; 1. Principles of cosmopolitan order David Held; 2. Territorial justice and global redistribution Hillel Steiner; 3. International justice and the basic needs principle David Copp; 4. Cosmopolitans, cosmopolitanism, and human flourishing Christine Sypnowich; 5. Global justice, moral development and democracy Chris Bertram; 6. A cosmopolitan perspective on the global economic order Thomas Pogge; 7. In the national interest Allen Buchanan; 8. Cosmopolitan respect and patriotic concern Richard Miller; 9. Persons' interests, states' duties, and global governance Darrel Moellendorf; 10. The demand of justice and national allegiances Kok-Chor Tan; 11. Cosmopolitanism and the compatriot priority principle Jocelyn Couture and Kai Nielsen; 12. Beyond the social contract: capabilities and global justice Martha Nussbaum; 13. Tolerating injustice Jon Mandle; 14. Cosmopolitan hope Catriona McKinnon.


Gillian Brock is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Auckland. Harry Brighouse is Professor and Affiliate Professor of Education Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


"The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism brings a refreshing perspective[...]In addition to developing an independent cosmopolitanism [the book] also demonstrates the great diversity within cosmopolitan thought[...]The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism makes a valuable contribution to the literature and marks progress toward the evolution of a distinctly cosmopolitan political thought." -Amy E. Eckert, Metropolitan State College of Denver
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