The Poems of MS Junius 11: Basic Readings

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Taken from the same manuscript as Cynewulf, the Junius 11 poems-Genesis, Exodus, Daniel, and Christ and Satan-comprise a series of redacted Old English works that have been traditionally presented as the work of Bede's Caedmon. Medieval scholars have concluded that the four poems were composed by more than one author and later edited by Junius in 1655. All of the poems are notable for their Christian content. Apart from its focus on the Junius 11 manuscript, this collection of essays is also important as a study of how to read, edit, and define any medieval literary text.


Preface of the General Editors. Introduction. Acknowledgements. Illustrations. List of Abbreviations. Confronting Germania Latina: Changing Responses to Old English Biblical Verse, Joyce Hill, The Old English Epic of Redemption: The Theological Unity of MS Junius 11, J. R. Hall, "The Old English Epic of Redemption": Twenty-five Year Retrospective, J. R. Hall, Some Uses of a Paronomasia in Old English Scriptural Verse, Roberta Frank, Tempter as Rhetoric Teacher: The Fall of Language in the Old English Genesis B, Eric Jager, Conspicuous Heroism: Abraham, Prudentius, and the Old English Verse Genesis, Andrew Orchard, Christian Tradition in the Old English Exodus, James W. Earl, The Patriarchal Digression in the Old English Exodus, Stanley R. Hauer, The Lion Standrad in Exodus: Jewish Legend, Germanic Tradition and Christian Typology, Charles D. Wright, The Structure of the Old English Daniel, Robert T. Farrell, Style and Theme in the Old English Daniel, Earl R. Anderson, Nebuchadnezzar's Dreams in the Old English Daniel, Antonia Flarbus, The Power of Knowledge and the Location of the Reader in Christ and Satan, Ruth Wehlau, The Wisdom Poem at the End of MS Junius 11, Janet Erickson. Index.
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