The Pleasure of Modernist Music: Listening, Meaning, Intention, Ideology

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September 2004



Features composers including Bartok, Stockhausen, Bernard Herrmann, Steve Reich. This title aims to negotiate a varied and open middle ground between polemical extremes of reception. It emphasis on aesthetics and contexts - including film music, sexuality, metaphor, and ideas of a listening grammar.


A superb compilation of essays that will provoke discussion and thought on all sides. The writers are first and foremost music-lovers, and that standpoint informs all of the essays. Urgently recommended. --David D. McIntire, composer, from a review at There are few recent books on serious musical matters which ask more pressing questions and provide more thought-provoking - even pleasurable - answers than this one; few other books in which so many facets of modern culture...are brought together so productively. (Ashby's) introduction and opening chapter alone contain enough material for several books...I expect to be referring to the arguments and examples given here for some time to come. -- Arnold Whittall, The Gramophone Excellent collection...anyone with even the slightest concern for the topic should take the time to chew on what is in this invaluable resource. AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE The Pleasure of Modernist Music presents the reader with a significant array of possible listening strategies for music otherwise dismissed as un-listenable... Where these essays overlap is as fascinating as where they diverge in that the overlapping reveals the compositions, personalities, and ideologies most influential in a musical century that was conflicted at best. To the benefit of the present day listener, professional musician or otherwise, these essays represent a bold step forward in rescuing a body of music from that conflict, as well as from its own self-imposed alienation. MLA NOTES, 2006
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