The Oxford History of the British EmpireI

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Continuing Oxford's five-volume comprehensive history of the British Empire, Volume II examines the history of British expansion from the Glorious Revolution of 1689 to the end of the Napoleonic Wars, a crucial phase in the creation of the modern British Empire. 13 maps.


List of Contributors; List of Maps; List of Figures; List of Tables; Abbreviations ;
1. Introduction ;
2. British Diaspora: Emigration from Britain 1680-1815 ;
3. Inseparable Connections: Trade, Economy, Fiscal State, and the Expansion of Empire 1688-1815 ;
4. The Imperial Economy 1700-1776 ;
5. The Anointed, the Appointed, and the Elected: Governance of the British Empire 1689-1784 ;
6. Religious Faith and Commercial Empire ;
7. Colonial Wars and Imperial Instability 1688-1793 ;
8. Sea-Power and Empire 1688-1793 ;
9. World-Wide War and British Expansion 1793-1815 ;
10. Empire and Identity from the Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution ;
11. Knowledge and Empire ;
12. 'This Famous Island Set in a Virginian Sea': Ireland in the British Empire 1690-1801 ;
13. Growth and Mastery: British North America 1690-1748 ;
14. The American Colonies in War and Revolution 1748-1783 ;
15. Britain and the Reovlutionary Crisis 1763-1791 ;
16. Native Peoples of North America and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire ;
17. British North America ;
18. The Formation of Caribbean Plantation Society 1689-1748 ;
19. The British West Indies in the Age of Abolition 1748-1815 ;
20. The British Empire and the Atlantic Slave Trade 1660-1807 ;
21. The Black Experience in the British Empire 1680-1810 ;
22. The British in Asia: Trade to Dominion 1700-1765 ;
23. Indian Society and the Establishment of British Supremacy 1765-1818 ;
24. British India 1765-1813: The Metropolitan Context ;
25. The Pacific: Exploration and Exploitation ;
26. Britain without America; A Second Empire? ; Chronology; Index


P. J. Marshall is Emeritus Professor of Imperial History at the University of London.


"P.J. Marshall brings to his own task immense experience and knowledge about the eighteenth-century British Empire....He has assembled a sterling cluster of scholars....One hopes that such works will not be forgotten..."--Albion
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