The Outpatient Breast Clinic

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April 2015



This full-colour, richly-illustrated book is an excellent source of rapidly retrievable information on aspects of relevance in daily clinical practice in the outpatient breast clinic. Expert guidance is provided on a full range of topics, including pitfalls of clinical examination, imaging and related tissue diagnosis, approaches to management decision-making in different disorders, the role of surgery and adjuvant therapy, follow-up and rehabilitation. In outpatient breast clinics, effective communication with patients must be established in order to address symptoms that in most cases are not serious but can be very worrying and sometimes lead to misdiagnosis and also to litigation. Outpatient consultations also offer an opportunity to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to provide information on matters such as risk assessment, screening and the most reliable websites. A well-functioning outpatient clinic is essential to a breast unit's overall proficiency. Readers will find this book an invaluable aid to good practice. The authors place particular emphasis on quality indicators and key priorities for implementation of the main guidelines, at the same time specifying the level of evidence for them and  degree of recommendation. Practical measures for achieving the best results are highlighted, and helpful advice is provided on optimizing patient communication and reducing the psychological burden.


The Breast Clinic.
The Asymptomatic Woman.
Anatomy, Congenital Aberrations, and Physiological Changes.
Clinical Examination of the Breast.
Imaging in Breast Related Diseases.
Breast Tissue Diagnosis.
Breast Pain.
Inflammatory Diseases of the Breast.
Benign Lesions of the Breast.
Nipple Discharge.
Miscellaneous Minor Disorders of the Breast.
Staging and Work Up of the Non Invasive Breast Cancer.
Staging and Work Up of Invasive Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer Special Issues.
Breast Cancer in General Population.
The Role of Surgery.
The Role of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy.
The role of Adjuvant Systemic Therapy.
Male Breast Diseases.
Loco-Regional Breast Cancer Recurrences.
Follow Up.



"This book reviews basic anatomy and physiology, clinical workup, benign and malignant diseases of the breast including cancer recurrence, and treatment strategies. ... The audience includes a range of readers, from surgical trainees to established surgeons, as well as other healthcare providers who work with patients with breast disease in primary care subspecialties. .... The figures are excellent. ... It presents a lot of information in an easy-to-read and logical format." (Sonia L. Sugg, Doody's Book Reviews, May, 2016)
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