The Origins of World War I

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Why did World War I happen? Several of the oft-cited causes are reviewed and discussed in this analysis. The argument of the alliance systems is inadequate, lacking relevance or compelling force. The argument of an accident or "slide" is also inadequate, given the clear and unambiguous evidence of intentions. The arguments of mass demands focusing on nationalism, militarism, and social Darwinism are also arguably insufficient. They lack indications of frequency, intensity, and process or influence on the various decisions.


1. World wars: definition and causes Richard F. Hamilton and Holger H. Herwig; 2. The European wars: 1815-1913 Richard F. Hamilton; 3. Serbia Richard C. Hall; 4. Austria-Hungary Graydon A. Tunstall, Jr.; 5. Germany Holger H. Herwig; 6. Russia David Alan Rich; 7. France Eugenia C. Kiesling; 8. The United Kingdom J. Paul Harris; 9. Japan Frederick R. Dickinson; 10. The Ottoman empire Ulrich Trumpener; 11. Italy Richard F. Hamilton and Holger H. Herwig; 12. Bulgaria, Romania and Greece Richard C. Hall; 13. The United States John M. Cooper, Jr.; 14. Why did it happen? Holger H. Herwig; 15. On the origins of the catastrophe Richard F. Hamilton; Appendix A. Chronology; Appendix B. Dramatis personae; Appendix C. Suggested readings.


Review of the hardback: '[A] fine work ... Each of the chapters in this work examines how a particular country came to the decision to go to war, and will thus make welcome teaching vehicles for students and lecturers alike.' History Today Review of the hardback: 'Goldman's excellent book ... provides a clearly argued analysis both of the key role that women played in Soviet industrialisation and of the tensions between the different actors involved in that project - ordinary workers, managers, Party and trade union officials, and women activists.' The Economic History Review Review of the hardback: 'This is a fascinating book whose coherence and focus, together with helpful introductions and conclusions by the editors, offers comparative conclusions about the major and minor powers' motivations for joining the war.' War in History
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