The New Papyrological Primer

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März 1994



The "New Papyrological Primer" is a fully revised and expanded edition of David and Groningen's 1964 standard introduction to Greek papyrological texts. The current edition contains 81 Greek texts, arranged in a chronological order, which illustrate various aspects of life in Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Egypt. Each text is provided with a short commentary and explanatory notes, which aim to allow students to understand the text and to place it accurately in its social context. A lengthy introduction provides general background information, data about the texts examined and discussion of a number of commonly neglected topics. A glossary of Greek terms is appended. The work contains numerous plates, illustrations and maps.


'"...a valuable introduction to documentary papyrology...It brings much that is useful for the expert."' James G. Keenan, "Religious Studies Review", 1992. '"...alles zusammen macht ihn zu einem ausgezeichneten Lehrbuch."' "Archiv fur Papyrusforschung", 1995.
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