The National Question in Europe in Historical Context

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Februar 2003



The historical impact of the national movements in Europe has been dramatic and continues to be an issue of major importance. This volume by leading historians discusses authoritatively the national question in Europe in its historical context.


1. The British Isles: Celt and Saxon Victor Kiernan; 2.The Making of the French Nation Douglas Johnson; 3. The National Question in Italy Andrew Lyttleton; 4. The Roots of the National Question in Spain Simon Barton; 5. Shifting nationalism: Belgians, Flemings and Walloons Louis Vos; 6. The National Question in Europe in the Historical Context of Germany Walter Schmidt; 7. Nationalism and Nation State in Germany Heinrich August Winkler; 8. The National Identity of the Austrians Ernst Bruckmuller; 9. The Czechs Arnost Klima; 10. The National Question in Hungary Emil Niederhauser; 11. The Union of Dalmatia with Northern Croatia: A Crucial Question of the Croatian National Integration in the Nineteenth Century Mirjana Gross; 12. The National Question in Poland in the Twentieth Century Jerzy Tomaszewski; 13. Finland: From Napoleonic Legacy to Nordic Co-operation Matti Klinge.


"...a wide panorama of European nationalisms, their origins and development. It also traces the formation of national identities across the continent. This collection will be invaluable as an introductory work for graduate students specializing in modern history, area studies, and the history of ideas as well as anyone interested in the problems of nationalism and ethnic conflict...It is timely, informative and will serve as an excellent introduction to the field of ethnic studies and numerous related problems." Andrew Bell-Fialkoff, German Politics and Society "...The essays in general are very good indeed, and the endnotes are a bibliographic godlmine. This volume succeeds in drawing our attention to the importance of national factors in the development of science and as a result adds considerable richness and complexity to the term, "Scientific Revolution." Jim Llana, Renaissance Quarterly "...this handsomely printed volume, containing thirteen articles on the rise of nationalism in various parts of Europe, will undoubtedly be of interest to many readers...a fair sampling of what 'nationalism' has wrought in Europe during the last thousand years or so." Ulrich Trumpener, International History Review "The great strength of this book lies in its overview of the Protestant reformations on the periphery of western Europe..." Jo Ann Hoeppner Moran, Journal of Church and State
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