The Missing Links in Teacher Education Design

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April 2005



Rather than promote a single teacher education design, this book discusses new ways to think about the problem. Key to such thinking is considering teacher education not independent elements but as a combination of links. This book offers four key links: conceptual ties across the university curriculum; theory-practice links between school and university settings; social-cultural links among the participants; and personal links that shape the identity of teacher educators.


Developing a Multi-linked Conceptual Framework for Teacher Education Design.- Conceptual Links Across the University Curriculum.- Principled Practice in Teacher Education.- Evolution from a Problem-Based to a Project-Based Secondary Teacher Education Program: Challenges, Dilemmas and Possibilities.- On Discernment: The Wisdom of Practice and the Practice of Wisdom in Teacher Education.- Re-Organising and Integrating the Knowledge Bases of Initial Teacher Education: The Knowledge Building Community Program.- Teacher Education for the Middle Years of Schooling: Making Connections between Fields of Knowledge, Educational Policy Reforms and Pedagogical Practice.- Theory-Practice Links between School and University Settings.- Innovation and Change in Teacher Education: An Inquiring, Reflective, Collaborative Approach.- Using the Practicum in Preservice Teacher Education Programs: Strengths and Weaknesses of Alternative Assumptions about the Experiences of Learning to Teach.- Who Stays in Teaching and Why?: A Case Study of Graduates from the University of Kansas' 5th-Year Teacher Education Program.- Social-Cultural Links amongst Participants in the Program.- Constructing and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry in Teacher Education.- Developing a Culture of Critique in Teacher Education Classes.- Community-Building and Program Development go Hand-in-Hand: Teachers Educators Working Collaboratively.- Personal Links that Shape the Identity of Teacher Educators.- The Quest for Identity in Teaching and Teacher Education.- Identity Development, Moral Authority and the Teacher Educator.- Conclusion.- Using a Multi-Linked Conceptual Framework to Promote Quality Learning in a Teacher Education Program.


"This ground-breaking, internationally oriented book brings together a number of excellent contributions on new directions in the design of teacher education programs. Moreover, the ideas are connected through a clear and stimulating conceptual framework that has the potential to guide effective innovation in the field." (Fred A.J. Korthagen, Professor, Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
"Teacher education program design demands a conceptualization built on strong interlinked foundations so that coursework and practice complement each another as a dynamic whole. Hoban offers an outstanding explication of exactly that through his Missing Links in Teacher Education. In so doing he offers a way of enhancing the quality of teacher education programs for those scholars passionate about, and committed to the work of teaching and learning about teaching. The Missing Links offers a provocative challenge to all involved in teacher education program design." (John Loughran, Foundation Chair, Curriculum & Pedagogy, Monash University, Australia)
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