The Military and Society in Russia, 1450-1917

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November 2002



This book explores the interaction of the Russian military and society in the early modern and modern period. In contrast to straightforward military histories, the volume is concerned with the myriad political, economic and cultural currents that shaped the Russian armed forces from their beginnings in Muscovite times to the end of World War I. The book begins with an attempt by the editors to provide a large frame in which to place the various contributions. What follows are three topical sections, including 22 detailed, often archival based monographic articles. The first section concerns The Military and Society in Muscovy; the second section focuses on The Military and Society in Imperial Russia. The third part analyzes Patriotism, Nationality, Religion and the Military.


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Introduction: The Role of War in Russian History / Marshall Poe, Eric Lohr 1
Troop Mobilization by the Muscovite Grand Princes (1313-1533) / Donald Ostrowski 19
The Costs of Muscovite Military Defense and Expansion / Richard Hellie 41
In Defense of the Realm: Russian Arms Trade and Production in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century / J. T. Kotilaine 67
The Second Chigirin Campaign: Late Muscovite Military Power in Transition / Brian Davies 97
Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich: Muscovite Military Command Style and Legacy to Russian Military History / Peter B. Brown 119
Evaluating Peter's Army: The Impact of Internal Organization / Carol Stevens 147
The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 1650-1831 / John P. LeDonne 175
The Russian Army in the Seven Years War / John L. H. Keep 197
Military Service and Social Hierarchy: The View from Eighteenth-Century Russian Theater / Elise Kimmerling Wirtschafter 221
The Nobility and the Officer Corps in the Nineteenth Century / Walter Pintner 241
Imperial War Games (1898-1906): Symbolic Displays of Power or Practical Training? / John W. Steinberg 253
Military Aviation, National Identity, and the Imperatives of Modernity in Late Imperial Russia / Gregory Vitarbo 273
"To Build a Great Russia": Civil-Military Relations in the Third Duma, 1907-12 / David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye 293
Battle for Divine Wisdom. The Rhetoric of Ivan IV's Campaign against Polotsk / Sergei Bogatyrev 325
Tatars in the Muscovite Army during the Livonian War / Janet Martin 365
Baptizing Mars: The Conversion to Russian Orthodoxy of European Mercenaries during the Mid-Seventeenth Century / William Reger IV 389
'Guardians of the Faith' Jewish Traditional Societies in the Russian Army: The Case of the Thirty-Fifth Briansk Regiment / Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern 413
Swords into Plowshares: Opposition to Military Service Among Sectarians, 1770s to 1874 / Nicholas B. Breyfogel 441
The Response of the Population of Moscow to the Napoleonic Occupation of 1812 / Alexander M. Martin 469
The Holy Sepulcher and the Origin of the Crimean War / David Goldfrank 491
Military Reform, Moral Reform, and the End of the Old Regime / Josh Sanborn 507
The Russian Military and the Jews in Galicia, 1914-15 / Alexander V. Prusin 525
Index 545


Eric Lohr received his Ph.D. at Harvard. He is the author of Nationalizing the Russian Empire: The Campaign Against Enemy Minorities during World War I. He is working on an overview of Russia during World War I for the Cambridge History of Russia and a book on the institution of 'poddanstvo' (subjecthood/citizenship) in late imperial Russia. Marshall Poe Ph.D. at Berkeley, has published extensively on Early Modern European History, including A People Born to Slavery: Russia in Early Modern European Ethnography and The Russian Elite in the Seventeenth Century (2 vols.). He is also co-editor of Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History. He currently teaches History at Harvard.


" a wonderful compilation of chapters on Russian military history a valuable addition to the literature on Russian military history and can be considered a must-read for those studying the pre-Revolutionary Russian armed forces and society." Roger R. Reese, "Journal of Modern History", 2004.
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