The Medieval Heritage in Early Modern Metaphysics and Modal Theory, 1400-1700

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Oktober 2003



The thirteen articles brought together in this volume explore key aspects of the transmission of learning and the transformation of thought from the late Middle Ages to the early modern period. Focusing on important topics in early modern metaphysics, philosophical theology, and modal theory, the contributions gathered here view developments in the early modern period against the backdrop of late-medieval scholasticism. This approach not only reveals the continuity of Western intellectual life in a period of profound change, but also makes it possible to identify with precision what is original in early modern thought. The topics dealt with include metaphysics as a science, the rise of probabilistic modality, freedom of the human will, as well as the role and validity of logical reasoning in speculative theology. The volume will be of interest to scholars who work on medieval and early modern philosophy, theology, and intellectual history.


1. Introduction. 2. Via Antiqua and Via Moderna in the Fifteenth Century: Doctrinal, Institutional, and Church Political Factors in the Wegestreit; M.J.F.M. Hoenen. 3. Ockham and Locke on Mental Language; C. Panaccio. 4. Metaphysics as a Discipline: From the 'Transcendental Philosophy of the Ancients' to Kant's Notion of Transcendental Philosophy; L. Honnefelder. 5. God as First Principle and Metaphysics as a Science; J. Biard. 6. Gabriel Biel and Later-Medieval Trinitarian Theology; R.L. Friedman. 7. The Question of the Validity of Logic in Late Medieval Thought; S. Knuuttila. 8. Uses of Philosophy in Reformation Thought: Melanchthon, Schegk, and Crellius; S. Kusukawa. 9. Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom: Auriol, Pomponazzi, and Luther on 'Scholastic Subtleties'; C. Schabel. 10. The Ontological Source of Logical Possibility in Catholic Second Scholasticism; J. Coombs. 11. The Renaissance of Statistical Modalities in Early Modern Scholasticism; S.K. Knebel. 12. Modal Logic in Germany at the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century: Christoph Scheibler's Opus Logicum; G. Roncaglia. 13. Leibniz on Compossibility: Some Scholastic Sources; F. Mondadori. Index of Names.


"(...) the book as a whole, by presenting the recent work of leading scholars in this field, provides a good starting point for further researches in the field of late medieval and early modern philosophy."
Jean-Pascal Anfray, University of Paris IV-Sorbonne in the Journal of the History of Philosophy 43:2, April 2005
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