The Literature of Emigration and Exile

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Januar 1992



Essays exploring implications of mass relocations through such current interpretive vehicles as reader-response, feminism, neo-Freudianism, and deconstruction.


Petrarch's Temporal Exile and the Wounds of History by Dolora Wojciehowski Triple-Tiered Migration in The Book of Dede Korkut by Warren Walker Paradigms of Exile in Donoso's Spanish Fiction by Janet Perez The Bitter Air of Exile: Russian Emigres and the Berlin Experience by Shoshananh Dietz Creating the "Canamerican" Self: The Autobiographies of American Women Immigrants to Canada by Helen M. Buss Exile and Intertextuality in Maxine Hong Kingston's China Men by Shu-mei Shih Gender in Exile: Mothers and Daughters in Roberto G. Fernandez's Raining Backwards by Mary S. Vasquez The Reader of Exile: Skvorecky's Engineer of Human Souls by Robert S. Newman "Home is a Place Where You Have Never Been": The Exile Motif in the Hainish Novels of Ursula K. Le Guin by Frank Dietz Cultural/Familial Estrangement: Self-Exile and Self-Destruction in Jay McInerney's Novels by Jefferson Faye Bradbury and Atwood: Exile as Rational Decision by Diane S. Wood Daniel Moyano's Libro de Navios y Borrascas: The Expression of Territorial Exile by Linda L. Hollabaugh When the Gods Abandon Us: Dissolution in the Hill of Devi, Pharos and Pharillon, and Alexandria by Kathleen Collins Beyer Parricide and Exile: Tracing Derrida in Augusto Roa Bastos' Yo El Supremo by John Incledon
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