The Life Table

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The Life Table covers various important issues in life table construction and use. G. Wunsch presents a non-technical overview of the life table in the first chapter. G. Calot and A. Franco then give a detailed account of the estimation of the probability of dying between two consecutive ages, taking migration and the distribution of population at risk into account. E. Valkovics compares various methods of decomposing the difference in life expectancies. J. Anson deals with the problem of finding suitable indicators summarising the age distribution of mortality. Two chapters, respectively by G. Caselli and by E. Tabeau, F. Willekens, and F. van Poppel, are devoted to age, period, and cohort effects in mortality. Three chapters then deal more specifically with mortality by cause of death. F. Meslé first discusses the problem of adequately registering these causes. A.E. Kunst, J.P. Mackenbach, H. Lautenbach, F.B. Oei, and F. Bijlsma examine the gains in life expectancy obtained by eliminating major causes of death, taking into account competing causes of death. J. Duchêne presents an introduction to multi-state morbidity-mortality models by cause. The competing risks model is thoroughly analysed by M. Mouchart and J.M. Rolin. E. Camboid and J.M. Robine show how the life table model can be extended for the assessment of the global health level of a population. The book ends with a concluding chapter by Jon Anson, which puts life table analysis in a broader sociological perspective.


Preface. Introduction; G. Wunsch.
1. The life table: A demographic overview; G. Wunsch.
2. The construction of life tables; G. Calot, A. Franco.
3. Methods of decomposition of differences between life expectancies at birth by causes of death; E. Valkovics.
4. Of entropies and inequalities: Summary measures of the age distribution of mortality; J. Anson.
5. Age, period and cohort components in analysing past and projecting future mortality trends; G. Caselli.
6. Parameterisation as a tool in analysing age, period and cohort effects on mortality: A case study of the Netherlands; E. Tabeau, et al.
7. The registration of causes of death: Problems of comparability; F. Meslé.
8. Gains in life expectancy by eliminating major causes of death: Revised estimates taking into account competing causes of death; A.E. Kunst, et al.
9. The measurement of mortality by cause and morbidity; J. Duchêne.
10. Competing risks models: Problems of modelling and of identification; M. Mouchart, J.-M. Rolin.
11. Use of demographic tools in the assessment of the health level of populations; E. Cambois, J.-M. Robine.
12. The life table: A sociological overview; J. Anson. List of authors.


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