The Lexicon-Encyclopedia Interface

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August 2000



Questions about the exact nature of linguistic as opposed to non-linguistic knowledge have been asked for as long as humans have studied language, be it as linguists, philosophers, psychologists, language teachers, semioticians or cognitive scientists. This distinction has been maintained and defended by some, attacked and abandoned by others. Through specially commissioned papers for this, the fifth volume in the "CRiSPI" series, contributors argue both for and against the distinction between lexical knowledge and encyclopedic knowledge and debate how it should be drawn.


Part headings: Assessments Understanding Understanding Words, Words, Words Grammar Further Afield


Jaroslav Peregrin, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic: A trenchant discussion of what is now felt as one of the most exciting problems of natural language semantics and pragmatics, namely the possibility of separating questions of meaning from questions of factual knowledge. Julio Cabrera, University of Brasilia: The entire collection is prefaced with a text by the editor, in which he succinctly but thoughtfully describes the theoretical frameworks used in the debate (Sections 0-8) and summarizes each of the contributions contained in the book (Section 9). The preface also contains a long list of bibliographical references, besides those of each article. Pragmatics and Cognition, Adam Glaz and Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin: Apart from its other assets (author, subject, and language indices; rich bibliographical references; careful editorship; and elegant typesetting), the volume is an extremely valuable publication due to the wide range of issues addressed and (often conflicting) solutions proposed. To the interested reader, it is an up-to-date presentation of the state-of-the-art in the lexicon-encyclopedia interface. Many of the points it raises may also become thought-provoking stimuli for further research. Language
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