The Late Roman-Rabbinic Period

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The fourth volume of The Cambridge History of Judaism covers the period from 70 CE to 640 CE (the rise of Islam), addressing the major historical, political and cultural developments in Jewish history during this crucial era. The volume is especially strong in its coverage of the growth and development of rabbinic Judaism and the major classical rabbinic sources such as the Mishnah, Jerusalem Talmud, Babylonian Talmud and various Midrashic collections. In addition, it surveys the growth of early Jewish mystical literature and the liturgical literature of the developing synagogue.


Introduction Steven J. Katz; 1. Social, political and economic life in the land of Israel, 70-c.235 Seth Schwartz; 2. The Diaspora from 66-c.235: (a) The Jews in Egypt and Cyrenaica, 66-c.235 Allen Kerkeslager; (b) Jews in Carthage and western north Africa, 70-c.235 Claudia Setzer; (c) The Jews in Asia Minor, 70-c.235 Paul Trebilco; (d) The Jews in Babylonia, 70-c.235 David Goldblatt; 3. The uprising in the Jewish Diaspora, 115-117 Miriam Pucci Ben Zeev; 4. The Bar Kochba Revolt, 132-135 Hanan Eshel; 5. The legal status of Jews in the Roman empire Amnon Linder; 6. Jewish art and architecture in the land of Israel, 70-c.235 Eric M. Meyers; 7. The destruction of the Jerusalem temple: its meaning and its consequences Robert Goldenberg; 8. The origins and development of the rabbinic movement in the land of Israel Hayim Lapin; 9. The canonical process James A. Sanders; 10. The beginnings of Christian anti-Judaism, 70-c.235 Peter Richardson; 11. The rabbinic response to Christianity Steven T. Katz; 12. The Mishnah David Kraemer; 13. The Tosefta Paul Mandel; 14. Midrash Halachah Jay M. Harris; 15. Mishnaic Hebrew Moshe Bar-Asher; 16. The political and social history of the Jewish community in the land of Israel, c.235-638 David Goldblatt; 17. The material realities of Jewish life in the land of Israel, 235-c.638 Joshua J. Schwartz; 18. Aramaic in late antiquity Yochanan Breuer; 19. The Diaspora c.235-638: (a) The Jews of Italy, c.235-638 Leonard Victor Rutgers; (b) The Jews of Spain, c.235-638 Scott Bradbury; 20. Jewish archaeology in late antiquity: art, architecture and inscriptions Lee Levine; 21. Jewish festivals in late antiquity Joseph Tabory; 22. Rabbinic prayer in late antiquity Reuven Kimelman; 23. Rabbinic views on marriage, sexuality and the family Michael L. Satlow; 24. Women in Jewish life and law Tal Ilan; 25. Gentiles in rabbinic thought David Novak; 26. The formation and character of the Jerusalem Talmud Leib Moscovitz; 27. Late Midrashic Paytanic and Targumic literature Avigdor Shinan; 28. Jewish magic in late antiquity Michael D. Swartz; 29. Jewish folk literature in late antiquity Eli Yassif; 30. Early forms of Jewish mysticism Rachel Elior; 31. The political, social and economic history of Babylonian Jewry, c.235-638 Isaiah M. Gafni; 32. The history of Babylonian academics David Goldblatt; 33. The formation and character of the Babylonian Talmud Richard Kalmin; 34. Talmudic law: a jurisprudential perspective Hanina Ben Menahem; 35. Torah in rabbinic thought: the theology of learning Marc Hirshman; 36. Man, sin and redemption in rabbinic thought Steven T. Katz; 37. The rabbinic theology of the physical: blessings, body and soul, resurrection, covenant and election Reuven Kimelman; 38. Christian anti-Judaism: polemics and politics Paula Fredriksen and Oded Irshai; 39. Jews in Byzantium Steven Bowman; Appendix A: Justinian and the revision of Jewish legal status Alfredo Mordechai Rabello; 40. Messianism and apocalypticism in rabbinic texts Lawrence H. Schiffman.


Steven T. Katz is Professor of Religion and Director of the Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies at Boston University.


' ... there are in this volume a good number of essays that are outstandingly clear and informative, wisely constructed and well documented ... They achieve a happy medium between what is suitable for a monograph and what belongs in a short encyclopaedia.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'All credit, ... to the editor, Steven T. Katz for his successful ... task. ... An additional bouquet to Cambridge University Press for supporting the work.' Times Literary Supplement
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