The Integration of Phonetic Knowledge in Speech Technology

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April 2005



Continued progress in Speech Technology in the face of ever-increasing demands on the performance levels of applications is a challenge to the whole speech and language science community. Robust recognition and understanding of spontaneous speech in varied environments, good comprehensibility and naturalness of expressive speech synthesis are goals that cannot be achieved without a change of paradigm. This book argues for interdisciplinary communication and cooperation in problem-solving in general, and discusses the interaction between speech and language engineering and phonetics in particular. With a number of reports on innovative speech technology research as well as more theoretical discussions, it addresses the practical, scientific and sometimes the philosophical problems that stand in the way of cross-disciplinary collaboration and illuminates some of the many possible ways forward.
Audience: Researchers and professionals in speech technology and computational linguists.


Foreword William J. Barry, Wim A. van Dommelen & Jaques Koreman / What is Phonetic Knowledge William A. Ainsworth / Can Phonetic Knowledge be Used to Improve the Performance of Speech Recognisers and Synthesisers? Anton Batliner and Bernd Möbius / Prosodic Models, Automatic Speech Understanding, and Speech Synthesis: Towards the Common Ground? Julie Carson-Berndsen and Michael Walsh / Phonetic Time Maps Heidi Christensen, Børge Lindberg and Ove Andersen / Introducing Phonetically Motivated, Heterogeneous Information into Automatic Speech Recognition Guillaume Gravier, Francois Yvon, Bruno Jacob and Frédéric Bimbot / Introducing Contextual Transcription Rules in Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Steven Greenberg / From Here to Utility Moisés Pastor and Francisco Casacuberta / Pronunciation Modeling Jan P.H. van Santen / Phonetic Knowledge in Text-to-Speech Synthesis Helmer Strik / Is Phonetic Knowledge of Any Use for Speech Technology?


From the reviews of the first edition: "The main purpose of this book is to present a set of ten highest quality papers focusing on the topic of integration of phonetic knowledge in speech technology. The valuable contributions of this volume prove convincingly that phonetic knowledge already permeates this integration a ] ." (Neculai Curteanu, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1070, 2005)
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