The Industrial Revolution in National Context: Europe and the USA

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November 2006



A volume of essays offering accounts of national experience during the Industrial Revolution in Europe and the USA.


Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; General maps and graphs; Introduction Mikula Teich and Roy Porter; 1. The British industrial revolution Phyllis Deane; 2. France Francois Crouzet; 3. The industrial revolution in Belgium Herman van der Wee; 4. Industrialisation in the Netherlands J. L. van Zanden; 5. German industrialisation Richard Tilly; 6. Switzerland Bruno Fritzsche; 7. Italy in the longue duree: the return of an old first-comer Carlo Poni and Giorgio Mori; 8. A latecomer: the modernisation of the Spanish economy, 1800-1990 Gabriel Tortella; 9. The industrial revolution in Sweden Bo Gustafsson; 10. Austria: industrialisation in a multinational setting Herbert Matis; 11. The industrial revolution: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia Milan My ka; 12. Hungary: a semi-successful peripheral industrialisation Ivan T. Berend; 13. The industrial revolution and the countries of southeastern Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Ljuben Berov; 14. Industrial revolution in Russia Roger Munting; 15. Revolutions and continuities in American development William N. Parker; 16. The industrial revolution - an overview Sidney Pollard; Index.


'... enormously impressive ... The book can be commended to all who profess a serious interest in industrialization. The admirable lucidity of most of the contributions makes it readily accessible to undergraduates and other non-specialist readers. As an introduction to the merits of comparative economic history, and of the benefits which can be obtained from well edited collaborative ventures, it is a model'. History
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