The Impact of Climate Change on the United States Economy

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Understanding the impacts of climate change on economic behaviour is an important aspect of deciding when to take policy actions to prevent or mitigate its consequences. This book applies advanced new economics methodologies to assess impacts on potentially vulnerable aspects of the US economy: agriculture, timber, coastal resources, energy expenditure, fishing, outdoor recreation. It is intended to provide improved understanding of key issues raised in the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. It concludes that some climate change may produce economic gains in the agriculture and forestry sectors, whereas energy, coastal structures, and water sectors may be harmed. The book will serve as an important reference for the scientific, economic, and policy community, and will also be of interest to natural resource/environmental economists as an example of economic valuation techniques. The volume will clearly be of main importance to researchers and policymakers in the US, but will also be influential as a model for assessment of impacts on economies worldwide.


1. Introduction Robert Mendelsohn, Joel B. Smith and James E. Neumann; 2. The economic effects of climate change on US agriculture Richard M. Adams, Bruce A. McCarl, Kathleen Segerson, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Kelly J. Bryant, Bruce L. Dixon, Richard Conner, Robert E. Evenson and Dennis Ojima; 3. The impact of climate variation on US agriculture Robert Mendelsohn, William Nordhaus, and Daigee Shaw; 4. Climate change and agriculture: the role of farmer adaptation Kathleen Segerson and Bruce L. Dixon; 5. The US timber market impacts of climate change Brent L. Sohngen and Robert Mendelsohn; 6. Economic effects of climate change on US water resources Brian Hurd, Mac Callaway, Joel Smith and Paul Kirshen; 7. The economic damage induced by sea-level rise in the US Gary Yohe, James E. Neumann and Patrick Marshall; 8. The impact of global warming on US energy expenditures Wendy N. Morrison and Robert Mendelsohn; 9. The economic impact of climate change on the US commercial fishing industry Marla Markowski, Angelique Knapp, James E. Neumann and John Gates; 10. The impact of climate change on outdoor recreation Robert Mendelsohnm and Marla Markowski; 11. Estimated effects of climate change on selected outdoor recreation activities in the US John Loomis and John Crespi; 12. Synthesis and conclusions Robert Mendelsohn and James E. Neumann.
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