The Idea of Europe: From Antiquity to the European Union

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August 2005



Discusses how a distinctive 'European' identity has grown over the centuries, especially with the EU.


Part I: Introduction Anthony Pagden; 1. Europe: conceptualising a continent Anthony Pagden; 2. Some Europes in their History J. G. A. Pocock; 3. 'Europe' in the Middle Ages William Chester Jordan; 4. The Republican mirror: the Dutch idea of Europe Hans Blom; 5. The Napoleonic Empire and the Europe of nations Biancamaria Fontana; 6. Homo politicus and homo oeconomicus: the European citizen according to Max Weber Wilfried Nippel; Part II: 7. The European self rethinking an attitude Michael Herzfeld; 8. European Nationalism and European Union Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia; 9. From the ironies of identity to the identity of ironies Luisa Passerini; 10. Muslims and European identity: can Europe represent Islam? Talal Asad; 11. The long road to unity: the contribution of law to the process of European integration, 1945-1995 Philip Ruttley; 12. The Euro, economic federalism and the question of national sovereignty Elie Cohen; 13. Identity politics and European integration: the case of Germany Thomas Risse and Daniela Engelmann-Martin; 14. Nationalism in Spain: the organization of Convivencia Andres de Blas Guerrero; 15. The Kantian idea of Europe: critical and cosmopolitan perspectives James Tully.


'Implicit in Pagden's fascinating, erudite and penetrating collection is a consoling message about the ongoing fertility and plurality of the - predominantly Western - European heritage. The very richness, diversity and historical depth of the sources underpinning the European project provide the last best hope of both Europhiles and Eurosceptics.' Colin Kidd, History of European Ideas '... important and useful ... What is immediately striking is the range of perspectives on offer. ... Highly recommended to both general and specific audiences.' The Heythrop Journal
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