The Human Rights ACT 1998 - What It Means: The Incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights Into the Legal Order of the United Kingdom

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Juni 1999



The incorporation of the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms into UK domestic law raises many questions. This book offers analyses and opinions from the points of view of practitioners, politicians, the Council of Europe and academics.


Introduction; L. Betten. Part I.
1. 'What Does it All Mean?' Interpreting the Human Rights Act 1998; M. Beloff.
2. The Human Rights Bill: Progress Through Parliament; B. Bradshaw.
3. Principles of Judicial Review as Developed by the European Court of Human Rights: Their Relevance in a National Context; P. Mahoney.
4. Status of the ECHR in the Member States; F. Sundberg. Part II.
5. How Private is My Private Life; J. Wright.
6. Convention Rights and the Environment; N. Grief.
7. The Protection of Rights of Property in Land Under the Human Rights Act; J. Howell.
8. The Applicability of the Human Rights Act to Private Corporations; M. Addo. Annexes.
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