The Heart of the Good Institution

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This book addresses the question: how can institutions develop and maintain a good purpose? And how can managers contribute to this endeavour? Twelve contributions explore this question, using MacIntyrean inquiry as a basis for exploring four main themes: Can management be considered a practice in the MacIntyrean sense? What is the role of specific virtues in the development of a virtuous institution? What are management vices and what are the conditions in which they flourish? And, can we use MacIntyrean ideas to consider the management of all forms of institutions? The volume is an international and multidisciplinary collection, with contributions from well-known writers in the field of management ethics, and innovative contributions that use MacIntyrean inquiry as a lens to examine fields such as hospitality, user generated music content and social sustainability. The papers are unified by their concern for the achievement of organizational excellence and integrity through ethical management. Unlike single author texts this edited volume brings together multiple perspectives on the topic of virtue ethics in management. In doing so, it explores the topic both more deeply and more widely than a single author can do. Because of its breadth, this book has the potential to become a turn-to research tool for those interested in virtue theory's relevance to other academic interests such as organizational behavior (including motivation theory and social psychology), literature, contemporary social issue criticism, and business management. "Editors Harris, Wijesinghe, and McKenzie have crafted a tight, slim, and thematically consistent volume that will be indispensable to scholars and students with twin interests in business and virtue ethics. In particular, those working with MacIntyre's ideas will find the thorough and complimentary explorations and applications of his ideas to serve, overall, as a cornerstone for their own work." Brenden E. Kendall (2014), Harris, H., Wijesinghe, G., & McKenzie, S. (Eds.). (2013). The Heart of the Good Institution: Virtue Ethics as a Framework for Responsible Management. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, in Michael Schwartz , Howard Harris (ed.) Achieving Ethical Excellence (Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, Volume 12) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.155 - 161


Section 1 intro: Can management be a practice?.- 1 Re-imagining the morality of management: A modern virtue ethics approach; Geoff Moore.- 2 Management as a practice; Tony O'Malley.- 3 Judgment, virtue and social practice; Chris Provis.- 4 Courage as a management virtue; Howard Harris.-
Section 2 Intro Leadership, Vice and Virtue.- 5 Virtue ethics in leadership operations: A pathway for leadership development; Erich C. Fein.- 6 The process of conscious corporate growth: A utopian interpretation or a possible virtuous practice?; Mario Carrassi.- 7 Organisational narcissism: A case of failed corporate governance?; Patricia Grant and Peter McGhee.- 8 YouTube as a nascent practice: A MacIntyrean analysis of user-generated content; Helen Rusak and Stephen McKenzie.-
Section 3 Intro Case Studies.- 9 Embedded moral agency: A MacIntyrean perspective on the HR professional's dilemma; Tracey Wilcox.- 10 The contribution of virtue ethics to the pedagogy and Sustainable Practice Of Hospitality Work; Gayathri Wijesinghe.- 11The problem of the empty circle: Thoughts on a virtue approach to social sustainability; Stephen McKenzie.- Conclusion:  A Concluding Reflection: Narratives of Virtue in Responsible Management.- 12 Murdoch, Trollope and Drucker: Virtue ethics as conveyed by stories; Michael Schwartz.- Contributors.


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